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Thread: Cash or TrashDate
Admin:2010/07/14 11:04
Google Ad-Sense is a pure Hack and/or Social Engineering Hack! Seriously, they offer to allow me to put ads on this site and said they will pay me. This is supposed to cost nothing, so a added some little adds, ok, for now this cost nothing, good. But little time after they sent me a pseudo 100$ credit for and ad-word account, i tried...error they says i must open a separate account (ad-word and ad-sense is 2 separate account), but surprise this one cost like 20$.. ok after a little read this seam to be a ok investments since this will increase ad-sense profit BUT after 30 ad-sense bucks, they shut down my payment, said that i don't follow rules, but didn't said what i did wrong and never answer me after several attempt. I think they should verify the site prior to asking cash. So a lost 20$, never receive my 30$ supposed profit. So development of this site will be slowing down to stop if no other cash source is found. Tanks for suggestions.
FaCocDdnzEputRc:2011/07/27 22:02
Smack-dab what I was loonkig for-ty!
Admin:2011/07/30 01:29
Hey, LcmxrCEYnW, What are you trying to do with those pretty weird broken url? Maybe i could help you?
Rorshack:2011/09/09 23:00
That is something else. What I am concerned with is whether or not Google Ad Sense actually helps placement of links like it says it will or if you will have to pay outrageous fees like the ones you are talking about to even get your links to the top.
TruXter:2011/11/14 09:15
Adwords accounts are free. tro create the accounts is free, to use it costs money, unless you have a coupond.
ubaig@gmail.com:2012/03/31 13:42
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Admin:2012/04/01 01:30
Tanks you!... Will try it...

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